What’s the best ways to find teammates?


  • Ask friends
  • Team forming events at social (Sept 16) and day-of hackathon

Why do companies prefer hackathons to career fairs and what’s in it for students?


  • Career fairs don’t give you much chance to talk to the recruiters
  • Hackathons provide better interactions between students and recruiters
  • Figure out if the company is recruiting and/or showcasing technologies and ask them questions that align with this purpose

How do you get a competitive edge for the showcase portion?


  • Be confident--presenting yourself as well as project
  • Be excited about your project
  • Make sure to prepare for the presentation

Who should I ask when I’m stuck?


  • You can ask:
  • Other hackers
  • Mentor/organizers through the HelpQ
  • Company recruiters

How does the judging process work?


  • Science fair styled--everyone has table and presents to those roaming around
  • Judged by recruiters and organizers
  • Results at closing ceremony

Can I work on projects I’ve already started?


  • NO
  • However it is encouraged to have thought about your project/looked at APIs beforehand--But don’t code anything!
  • Projects must be started at the hackathon

What if I can’t install large IDEs on my laptop?


  • Feel free to contact/research organizers/mentors to see if there are options there for you.
  • Can still build cool projects without big IDEs. Example: vim, notepad, nano, emacs

Will there be food at the hackathon?

ANS: Yes. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast will be provided

Where do we submit the projects?


  • Devpost link that will be provided during the day-of hackathons.
  • Mentors will be available to help submit projects

How much experience do we need to participate in the hackathon?

ANS: No prior experience needed. Hackathons are a great learning experience for a lot of different tools and languages and if you have any questions, mentors are available to help you through the HelpQ.

Is it alright if we don’t have a group?

ANS: Yes. You can work alone or create teams of up to 4 druing team-building events on the day-of

What is the maximum number of teammates in a team?

ANS: Up to 4 people per team

I’m on the waitlist, can I still get in?

ANS: Yes. If you appear on the opening ceremony of the day-of, we can check if there are any available spots

Do I need to be a CS/DS major to participate?

ANS: No. Freshman from any majors are welcome to participate.

Do I need to stay at the location for the whole 24-hours?

ANS: No. Just make sure to attend the opening, project demo, and closing.

Can I work somewhere outside of the hackathon location?

ANS: Yes, but only if it is agreed upon by your whole team. However, only participants working at the hackathon location can get access to recruiters and mentors.

When will I be notified of the application results?

ANS: September 13 through your email

When is the deadline to RSVP after getting the application results back?

ANS: September 15